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We Have Not Disappeared

We haven’t disappeared or quit working on the house. Between the wedding and holidays, we just haven’t had time to take pictures of what we’ve done and write about them.
So, first…the guest bedroom is looking a little more like an actual bedroom and not just a room with a bed and some dog toys. We were able to find the quilt at HomeGoods for about $50 (list price $280). We also purchased blinds to go on the window to the front of the house. We’d like to have curtains on these windows, but that’s a little bit of a problem since the vents are on the wall right below each window. The other window has a Target shower curtain (brown fabric, not seen in the picture below) which will be there until we can figure out what we are going to do about covering that window. For a shower curtain, it doesn’t actually look too bad.

Since we last posted, we also got blinds up in the office, which is really nice. For a while we had the old curtains up in the window (from the lady who lived here last), then decided that when we wanted to cover the window that we could just hang a light blanket from it. We no longer have to do that.

We’ve also repainted the master bathroom. Last time we posted about it, we had taken the wallpaper off but the wall was still covered in glue. As of right now, the tiles are looking a little bit yellow. It is so strange how the tiles seem to keep changing color (started off looking very pink). We plan to find a new overhead light, a new mirror, and new lights beside the mirror. Based on the way the color looks at different times of day, we think getting a lightbulb that is more white will help the color of the tile quite a bit. It would be great if we could also add some little light over in the corner by the closet since it’s so dark over there.

The subway tile in the kitchen is finished. It will have a post of its own.

The closet in the master bedroom is a tiny walk-in closet. To keep it a little more organized, we purchased plastic containers from Lowe’s to keep things in that aren’t in season right now. With as much space as we still have available above that, we’d like to get another shelf added above it. We also still need to figure out what we want to do with the closet overall…especially the shoes. Right now, the shoes just end up in a couple piles in the closet floor.

Photos for the master bedroom wall were finally purchased and look nice on our newly painted white wall.

We’ve also planted a small garden in our backyard. Right now, we are growing some tomatoes, bell peppers, rosemary, basil, and spearmint.



Finally getting around to the master bathroom

We tore the wallpaper down a couple months ago and have cleaned off some of the glue. We’re now looking at paint colors for the bathroom. We decided to paint it brown, but not as dark as the two brown walls in the master bedroom. It should tone down some of the pink-ish tint the beige tiles can have. Since we are going with brown walls in the bathroom, we need to make sure it doesn’t clash with the brown in the bedroom (as seen in the picture, you’d look out the bathroom door and see the brown in the bedroom), but we also don’t want it to have too much red in it, be too dark, or be too close to the shade of the tile. The towels for that bathroom are teal and white, so it will look nice with the brown walls.

Hopefully we’ll get the glue off the wall fairly soon (this has been a very slow process) so that we can actually begin painting once we select the shade of brown for the walls.


Largest project to date

The tile is down and ready to be grouted. Dog is excited to have tile floors to help him stay cool. He also enjoys trying to eat spacers, which has been a minor inconvenience.

Tile floor (and dog)

The original linen wallpaper has also been removed from the master bathroom. After hearing horror stories about removing wallpaper, we were a little worried about how difficult it might be to get it off and had been discussing the possibility of ┬ápainting on top of it. Just out of curiosity, we decided to try to peel a little piece of it off from around the window. To our surprise, it came off pretty easily. 10 minutes later, we had all the wallpaper down! Now we just have to get the 50 year old glue removed from the walls and prep for paint. After removing the wallpaper, moving the bathroom mats out of the way, and pushing the curtain out of the way, we also realized that the bathroom tile wasn’t nearly as pink as we originally thought.

Not quite as exciting, the white paint has been finished on the doors and trim in the hallway and primer has been put on the door and trim on the inside of the hall bathroom. The hall bathroom shows the biggest improvement from this–it used to be yellow.

Next on the agenda–subway tile backsplash