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The living room gets a bookshelf

On our recent trip to Ikea, we were also able to purchase the bookshelf we intended to buy when we went back in April. We didn’t get to purchase it then because we had so many other things we were buying that day that we knew it wouldn’t fit in the car. It was pretty easy to put together and looks nice in the living room. It is nice to actually have a piece of furniture there now. We obviously need to get some sort of decoration on top of it in addition to what is currently there, but at least it’s a start. We also now have somewhere to put some books. Until now, some have been hanging out in a closet and others in stacks in the floor.
The vases on top of the shelf also came from Ikea. We’re thinking about adding a white lamp on the top…still have to find one, though.

bookcase decoration
Living room/bookcase

We also finally found some frames we liked at Ikea to fit our slightly larger than 4×6 postcards in:
Virginia Beach postcard
Birmingham postcard

Postcards were purchased from one of our favorite shops, What’s on 2nd?  They are from the 1930’s and are actually a book of perforated postcards. We have 4 books framed down our hallway. We love the vintage design and historic landmarks they are filled with. We have been thinking about going back to get more!

We are finally getting some of the main living space looking like someone actually lives there!


Improvements to the living room


The sofa that was purchased two months ago finally arrived last week (it had been on backorder), so the living room is finally starting to look a little more finished. The old fridge was finally taken out of the living room and moved to the garage (thanks Ryan!). The rug that has just been rolled up downstairs has now been moved to the living room. The coffee table is a little more prominent now that it is sitting on the rug instead of trying to blend into the floor. Shelves have been moved out of the room and a new TV stand has been put in. The old TV stand now holds the record player and speaker on the other side of the room. (This part is only temporary until we get another piece of furniture, probably a shelf, to go on that wall.) We still need something tall to go in the corner to the right of the TV, something to go on the wall behind the TV, and something to go on the wall behind the settee. We may not actually get anything tall for the corner to the right of the TV until after Christmas. We were thinking that maybe we could put a Christmas tree there. If we will put a Christmas tree there right after Thanksgiving, there is really no need to get something else to sit there for 7-8 weeks, just to have to move it at the beginning of December.

Unrelated to the living room, we have a new dishwasher! No more handwashing (or avoiding handwashing) dishes 🙂

I am also including a picture of a poster that we are adding to the living room.  Not sure how we will mount it yet, but the colors will look great with everything else.


Beginnings of decorating

We have been very slow at getting anything posted the last couple weeks. The pictures today are of something that was done about 2 weeks ago–the beginnings of some decoration. A stereo console was brought by family members (had belonged to grandparents, then aunt) and pictures were hung. The frames are from Ikea. The pictures came from the Birmingham Public Library Archive.

Stereo – closed:
stereo - closed
Stereo – speakers open:
stereo - open
Wall with stereo + photos:
wall - stereo + frames

We are considering painting part of the stereo console. We played around in Photoshop with colors and how much to paint.. At first, it was going to be 100% painted–white with an accent color. After playing around with colors, we decided that if we paint it, it will just be the corners sections on the front panels. Maybe a light, muted turquoise? or white? I don’t remember what we ended with. We are also planning to replace its current legs with peg legs.

Hopefully soon we will be able to show another set of framed historical objects…just have to find frames they fit in first. It turns out that what we have doesn’t quite fit in a 4×6 frame.

Tile floor = finished!

This weekend, the remainder of the tile was cut and laid and grout was put in. Now that the kitchen/dining room floor is finished, we can now start the process of making it look a little more like a room instead of a storage/work space. We also found a glass table on craigslist and went to look at it today–should be able to pick it up and move it over here in a couple days. We didn’t have to go far to get it either–just .8 miles away in Crestwood North. The dining room chairs are closer to being ready, so maybe in the next few days the dining room will be ready to have pictures posted.

Paint progress–All doors and trim in the hallway and hall bathroom have been painted white. The only thing left to paint is the door in the dining room and touch ups of gray in the hallway. There are a couple other painting projects that need to be done at some point, but those will wait a little while longer.

We’ve briefly mentioned the Gunlocke chairs in the living room before, and we thought it was about time to actually show them to you. These were the chairs where we bought one (the brown one) from a local modern furniture seller then, a couple weeks later, happened to find one just like it (though green) at What’s on 2nd?


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Living room

Reminder of before:

Before: Living Room

Living room as of now:
Living Room

Changes that have been made to the living room:
It has been painted (only one layer of paint!)
Curtains taken down (I’m a little disappointed those original curtains don’t show up in the pictures) and blinds put up. Had to get custom cut blinds thanks to having 41.5 inch windows.
Slowly working on getting furniture. So far the room has a couple side chairs and a coffee table. Hopefully there will be a sofa soon (looking at this sofa). The sofa in there right now was actually intended to be put in the office (already owned this), but its size prevents it from getting there…so, it stays in the living room.
As you can see from the picture, the new refrigerator is currently hanging out in the living room. It will be here until the tile floor is completed in the kitchen.

Paint color: Behr Premium Plus Ultra: Creek Bend
Side chairs: Gunlocke–bought one from a local modern furniture seller then happened to find another one just like it (though a different color) at What’s on 2nd?
Coffee table: Adrian Pearsall–found at What’s on 2nd?