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Build Project #1: Platform bed and headboard

We’ve shown pictures of build project #2, but project #1 hadn’t been posted yet. Now that the room has been cleaned up a little, here is build project #1:
This was our first attempt at building furniture. We used plans from Ana White. The bed was relatively easy to make, but the headboard wasn’t quite as easy.  Cutting the rectangle hole was a little more difficult; the lines aren’t quite straight thanks to my jigsaw skills.
The plan was the match the orange of the bed to the orange of the pillow.  We ended up finding a paint chip that was perfect, so we didn’t actually have to color-match it.

Paint: Behr Premium Plus Ultra – color: Koi
Pillows: Dwell Studio for Target
Intercom: NuTone (unfortunately came with the house, that’s a later project)


Build Project #2: Office Desk


The desk in the office (1 of 2) is complete–the computer now has a space to sit!

This desk is made of an old door and sawhorse legs (building plan from Ana White). After reading comments on the instructions page, we decided to use two 2x4s as crossbeams instead of one 2×6, so that there would be some shelf space. The desk we made doesn’t exactly match the measurements on the plan. Maybe the wood cuts weren’t exact enough, maybe attaching the legs wasn’t precise enough. Whatever the problem, though, we still managed to end up with standing (and stable) legs for this desk. One problem we consistently had the entire time we were making this was how often the wood cracked. Our biggest problem with cracking wood occurred with the 2x6s, though it also happened with some of the 2x2s.  In the end, we came out with a great computer table with storage for not much $$!