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Subway tile backsplash

As mentioned in the last post, we finally got around to getting our subway tile backsplash up.

It took us about 9 hours that weekend to (nearly) finish everything–cutting tiles, placing tiles, and putting in grout. Sadly, we ran out of grout at the very end with a little over 1 square foot left. That small area will be finished very soon.

A couple pictures of what it looks like now:



And just to show how far the kitchen has come since last year, this is what it used to look like:

Before: Kitchen


Living room

Reminder of before:

Before: Living Room

Living room as of now:
Living Room

Changes that have been made to the living room:
It has been painted (only one layer of paint!)
Curtains taken down (I’m a little disappointed those original curtains don’t show up in the pictures) and blinds put up. Had to get custom cut blinds thanks to having 41.5 inch windows.
Slowly working on getting furniture. So far the room has a couple side chairs and a coffee table. Hopefully there will be a sofa soon (looking at this sofa). The sofa in there right now was actually intended to be put in the office (already owned this), but its size prevents it from getting there…so, it stays in the living room.
As you can see from the picture, the new refrigerator is currently hanging out in the living room. It will be here until the tile floor is completed in the kitchen.

Paint color: Behr Premium Plus Ultra: Creek Bend
Side chairs: Gunlocke–bought one from a local modern furniture seller then happened to find another one just like it (though a different color) at What’s on 2nd?
Coffee table: Adrian Pearsall–found at What’s on 2nd?