Refinishing a dresser

A few months ago, on our way back from Unclaimed Baggage, we decided to stop at a thrift store we saw as we were getting closer to home. While we were there, we happened to come across an old dresser for a whole $35 (50% off original price of $70). Overall, it was in pretty good shape and all we would really need to do is sand and stain it, but since the car wasn’t big enough, we had to leave it there. Since Kayla’s dad has a truck, Eric asked him if he could go back with him to get it. When they went back the next week, the dresser was 75% off! Once it got home, it just sat in the garage for a couple months until we finally got around to doing something with it last weekend. The dresser has a relatively thin veneer, but it was thick enough to be able to sand it and take a stain.


We went to Habitat ReStore to look for a dark stain. The one we purchased cost about $6. It didn’t end up staining quite as dark as we had hoped, but it did look better than when we first purchased it.  So…the grand total for this dresser is $23! The photos above it are from our engagement shoot with Brandon and Stacey Gresham These photos are not on the wall yet but this option is winning to fill the space.



One response to “Refinishing a dresser

  1. bobby February 9, 2012 at 5:01 pm

    good work on the dresser

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