Finally getting around to the master bathroom

We tore the wallpaper down a couple months ago and have cleaned off some of the glue. We’re now looking at paint colors for the bathroom. We decided to paint it brown, but not as dark as the two brown walls in the master bedroom. It should tone down some of the pink-ish tint the beige tiles can have. Since we are going with brown walls in the bathroom, we need to make sure it doesn’t clash with the brown in the bedroom (as seen in the picture, you’d look out the bathroom door and see the brown in the bedroom), but we also don’t want it to have too much red in it, be too dark, or be too close to the shade of the tile. The towels for that bathroom are teal and white, so it will look nice with the brown walls.

Hopefully we’ll get the glue off the wall fairly soon (this has been a very slow process) so that we can actually begin painting once we select the shade of brown for the walls.



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