The living room gets a bookshelf

On our recent trip to Ikea, we were also able to purchase the bookshelf we intended to buy when we went back in April. We didn’t get to purchase it then because we had so many other things we were buying that day that we knew it wouldn’t fit in the car. It was pretty easy to put together and looks nice in the living room. It is nice to actually have a piece of furniture there now. We obviously need to get some sort of decoration on top of it in addition to what is currently there, but at least it’s a start. We also now have somewhere to put some books. Until now, some have been hanging out in a closet and others in stacks in the floor.
The vases on top of the shelf also came from Ikea. We’re thinking about adding a white lamp on the top…still have to find one, though.

bookcase decoration
Living room/bookcase

We also finally found some frames we liked at Ikea to fit our slightly larger than 4×6 postcards in:
Virginia Beach postcard
Birmingham postcard

Postcards were purchased from one of our favorite shops, What’s on 2nd?  They are from the 1930’s and are actually a book of perforated postcards. We have 4 books framed down our hallway. We love the vintage design and historic landmarks they are filled with. We have been thinking about going back to get more!

We are finally getting some of the main living space looking like someone actually lives there!


One response to “The living room gets a bookshelf

  1. Sonia November 2, 2011 at 10:59 pm

    Looks great! Love the postcard idea, can I steal it?

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