Improvements to the living room


The sofa that was purchased two months ago finally arrived last week (it had been on backorder), so the living room is finally starting to look a little more finished. The old fridge was finally taken out of the living room and moved to the garage (thanks Ryan!). The rug that has just been rolled up downstairs has now been moved to the living room. The coffee table is a little more prominent now that it is sitting on the rug instead of trying to blend into the floor. Shelves have been moved out of the room and a new TV stand has been put in. The old TV stand now holds the record player and speaker on the other side of the room. (This part is only temporary until we get another piece of furniture, probably a shelf, to go on that wall.) We still need something tall to go in the corner to the right of the TV, something to go on the wall behind the TV, and something to go on the wall behind the settee. We may not actually get anything tall for the corner to the right of the TV until after Christmas. We were thinking that maybe we could put a Christmas tree there. If we will put a Christmas tree there right after Thanksgiving, there is really no need to get something else to sit there for 7-8 weeks, just to have to move it at the beginning of December.

Unrelated to the living room, we have a new dishwasher! No more handwashing (or avoiding handwashing) dishes 🙂

I am also including a picture of a poster that we are adding to the living room.  Not sure how we will mount it yet, but the colors will look great with everything else.



One response to “Improvements to the living room

  1. MOM October 10, 2011 at 8:47 am

    Love the couch–living room shaping up and looking good:)

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