Beginnings of decorating

We have been very slow at getting anything posted the last couple weeks. The pictures today are of something that was done about 2 weeks ago–the beginnings of some decoration. A stereo console was brought by family members (had belonged to grandparents, then aunt) and pictures were hung. The frames are from Ikea. The pictures came from the Birmingham Public Library Archive.

Stereo – closed:
stereo - closed
Stereo – speakers open:
stereo - open
Wall with stereo + photos:
wall - stereo + frames

We are considering painting part of the stereo console. We played around in Photoshop with colors and how much to paint.. At first, it was going to be 100% painted–white with an accent color. After playing around with colors, we decided that if we paint it, it will just be the corners sections on the front panels. Maybe a light, muted turquoise? or white? I don’t remember what we ended with. We are also planning to replace its current legs with peg legs.

Hopefully soon we will be able to show another set of framed historical objects…just have to find frames they fit in first. It turns out that what we have doesn’t quite fit in a 4×6 frame.


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