Lots of progress in the kitchen/dining room

Big news of the weekend: After spending all afternoon working on this, the new refrigerator is finally in the kitchen! It was quite a complicated process to make this happen. The doorway from the living room to the kitchen is 30 inches wide. The depth of the refrigerator without doors or anything else sticking out is 29 inches. We had to remove the refrigerator doors and remove part of what the freezer door is anchored to on the bottom. As if disassembling the fridge and getting it into the kitchen wasn’t enough, we then had to piece it all back together.

Two other things finished this weekend as well–the red dining room chairs and moving the butcher block upstairs!

The butcher block weighs at least 200 pounds, so it wasn’t something that one person could move up the stairs alone (or the boy + girl could do–the girl doesn’t have enough muscles for this). A friend came over to help move it up the stairs, prepare the counter base to have the butcher block screwed in, and put the butcher block on top of the base (with screws holding it in place).

The red paint on the chairs was finished a few days ago and just needed a clear coat. We tried putting a clear coat on it a few days ago, but it just brushed off like dust when it dried–it didn’t seem to stick to the red paint at all. So, we went to buy some more clear gloss paint (same brand) to try and it worked this time!


The list of things to finish in the kitchen and dining room is getting smaller and it is actually starting to look more like a usable room.


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