Small Steps Have Been Made

We haven’t quit working on the house. There has been a little bit of a pause in work for the past week, though. All the supplies to lay the tile have been purchased, and the decision has been made to hire someone to lay the tile which just hasn’t happened yet. Once this happens, we can get the refrigerator moved out of the living room and into the kitchen and get the kitchen set up. We can also figure out exactly what to do about the dining room table legs. Once the refrigerator is out of the living room, that should help the living room to start looking like a normal room–not a storage location for random objects that can’t go anywhere else.

We’ve worked on a couple things since the last post–painting all the doors and trim in the hallway (haven’t finished it yet) and painting all of the dining room chairs…RED.  That isn’t all that exciting to see a picture of, though.  You can wait til the table is ready…right?

Some of the next things that will be worked on are: a butcher block bar in the kitchen, a section of granite on the counter, get a sofa (no place to put it at the moment, 2 refrigerators are taking up my living room), finish cleaning the range hood, and put the backsplash up in the kitchen. I’m thinking the backspash will had a huge amount.  Goodbye laminate 15 inch backsplash!


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